Bag Size: 10kg

Valagro’s® Master Supreme line is a range of blended NPK plus trace elements, enriched with biologically active ingredients to stimulate metabolism and enhance nutrient uptake. 


Valagro® Master Supreme line offers a range of NPK balances that can be matched to plant growth stages and growing rates. The presence of biostimulant extracts enhances the crops physiological processes, making them more efficient and productive.

Master Supreme line:

  • Master Supreme Starter (11-18-9 + Trace Elements)
  • Master Supreme Development (20-2-13 + Trace Elements)
  • Master Supreme Flowering (8-11-20 + Trace Elements)
  • Master Supreme Ripening (5-4-33 + Trace Elements)
  • Master Supreme Balanced (18-8-15 + Trace Elements)


Valagro® Master Supreme line of water soluble nutrition is designed for fertigation.


Applications of 25-50kg/ha of the appropriate balance are recommended during the crop growth cycle. Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor.