Bag Size: 5kg, 25kg

Valagro’s Plantafol® line is a range of blended NPK plus trace elements, of elevated purity and solubility. 


Valagro’s Plantafol®line offers a range of NPK balances that can be matched to plant growth stages and growing rates. The elevated purity, pH buffering and selection of appropriate nutrient forms maximises foliar efficacy with reduced risks.

Plantafol line:

  • Plantafol 20-20-20 (20-9-17 + Trace Elements)
  • Plantafol 10-54-10 (10-24-8 + Trace Elements)
  • Plantafol 30-10-10 (30-4-8 + Trace Elements)
  • Plantafol 5-15-45 (5-7-37 + Trace Elements)
  • Plantafol 0-25-50 (0-11-42 + Trace Elements)

(Note: In the product name, analysis is expressed as Oxides)


Valagro’s Plantafol® line of water soluble nutrition is designed for foliar application.


Applications of 2.5-4.0 kg/ha are recommended depending on the product selected. Minimum water application rates apply. Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor.