Analysis: Biostimulant

Bag Size:
20 L, 1000 L

Specific Gravity: 1.06 g/cm3

Asco Plus is a liquid seaweed based on Ascophyllum nodosum extract to supplement root and plant growth to improve general plant health, which may increase tolerance to heat and cold stress. Campbells Asco Plus is manufactured for fertigation/soil application and is suitable for use on all fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops to supplement existing nutrition and plant health programs.


The Ascophyllum nodosum used in Asco Plus grows in the Northern Atlantic Ocean where it is exposed to extremes in conditions from sub-zero temperatures to warm summer days; exposed to the sun at low tide and submerged at high tide. In this environment this species of seaweed has evolved many natural biochemical defences to protect against these stresses. These biochemical defences mean that Ascophyllum nodosum contains very high levels of compounds such as betaines, amino acid, proteins and natural plant hormones such as gibberellins, auxins, and cytokinin’s-making it ideal for the production of plant biostimulants.

Crop Performance

Campbells Asco Plus is suitable for use in vegetables, fruit, vines, flowers, turf and ornamentals. This product is not certified for organic use. Conventional compounds utilised during the extraction and stabilisation of this product exclude it from consideration for organic registration. Given the volatile nature of many plant derived compounds, product stability is a high priority.


With the potential for wide-ranging plant responses to non-formulated biostimulants, Campbells Fertilisers Australasia recommends this product solely for fertigation. Campbells Asco Plus can be applied throughout the growth season via fertigation, at the end of an irrigation cycle, ensuring the product is properly washed into the root zone.


General rates for horticultural crops are between 2 – 8 L/ha in a single application, depending on the target crop (Refer product label). The actual rates, number of applications and their timing will vary considerably for different crops and for different districts.  Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor or your local agronomist.

If seeking a product for application as a foliar treatment, or looking to elicit a specific root response, we recommend you consult the Valagro range of specialty biostimulants.