Pack Size: 10, 25kg

Valagro® Micro NP is specially designed to provide a “STARTER” effect to crops, giving them a strong and vigorous start.


Valagro® Micro NP is a fertiliser line designed for localised application, resulting in higher nutritional efficiency, The organic activator present in the micro-granules, allows a complexing action within the Phosphorus, increasing it’s availability to the roots and avoiding the formation of insoluble salts.

Rapid and vigorous growth of the root system permits the crop to use subsequent fertiliser applications optimally.


Valagro® Micro NP is a soluble micro-granule,  suitable for localised application, specifically at transplant stage. Micro NP can be utilised across a diverse range of crops, such as Fruit trees, Vegetables, Processing crops, and containerised plants.


The actual rates, number of applications and their timing will vary considerably for different crops and for different districts. Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor.