Pack Size: 5Kg

Valagro’s Brexil® line is a range of mesonutrients (calcium and magnesium) and micronutrients (iron, manganese, zinc, copper) complexed with LSA (Ammonium Lignin Sulphonate) for the prevention and cure of nutrient deficiencies via foliar application.


Brexil® line is characterised by its remarkable efficiency of penetration without the risk of causing phytotoxicity, along with its ability to be mixed with most common pesticides. These characteristics are provided by the LSA complex which is a substance of natural origin with a high complexing capacity and biological affinity with plant tissue.

Brexil® line:

  • Brexil Ca (Ca, B)
  • Brexil Duo (Ca, Mg, B, Cu, Mn, Zn)
  • Brexil Mg (Mg)
  • Brexil Fe (Fe)
  • Brexil Mn (Mn)
  • Brexil Zn (Zn)
  • Brexil Combi (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn)
  • Brexil Mix (Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn)
  • Brexil Multi (Mg, B, Fe, Mn, Zn)


Brexil® is a completely soluble microgranule formulation designed for foliar application. The microgranule dissolves rapidly and completely, remaining in solution allowing for rapid uptake through the leaf tissue without leaving residue.


The actual rates, number of applications and their timing will vary for different crops based on their nutrient requirements. Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor.