Valagro is a world leader in the development of innovative biostimulants. The harnessing of science through their exclusive Geapower technology platform allows them to turn naturally derived active ingredients into specific agricultural solutions. 


Valagro’s Soil and Root Applied Biostimulants offer a range of crop solutions. Each product has a specific strength that can be utilised by farmers to address their production needs. 

Soil/Root Biostimulants:

Actiwave: Increases the Absorption of Nutrients

Kendal Root: Stimulates New Roots with Enhanced Physical Resistance

Radifarm: Rooting Promotion and Reduction of Transplant Shock

Retrosal: Enhances Growth of Plants Experiencing Salinity Stress

Talete: Enhances Water Use Efficiency

Viva: Improves Rhizosphere (root zone) Efficiency and Stimulates Balanced Vegetative-Reproductive Growth


Application requirements are often dependent on product type, crop type and growing objectives. Please consult labels for rates and timings.



Application rates are unique to each product. Please consult product labels.

Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor.