Active Constituent: 980g/kg Ammonium sulphate

Pack Size: 25kg

Solu-Sam Adjuvant APVMA approval

A registered Spray Grade Adjuvant for use with Glyphosate herbicides to minimise antagonism and improve herbicide performance under adverse conditions.

Active Constituents:

Campbells Solu-Sam Adjuvant (Spray Grade) contains 980g/kg Ammonium sulphate


Campbells Solu-Sam Adjuvant can:

  • Improve herbicide penetration into plants
  • Condition poor quality water
  • Acidify and buffer high pH water
  • Reduce risk of alkaline hydrolysis


Campbells Solu-Sam Adjuvant should be used with non-selective herbicides only, as with some selective herbicides use may result in loss of selectivity and therefore crop damage. Ammonium sulphate may be corrosive to metal parts of the sprayer. Thoroughly flush tanks, pumps and nozzles with water aſter use.


Always adhere to the APVMA approved label for specific application rates.