Analysis: 27% Nitrogen, 5.7% Phosphorus, 10.8% Potassium, 1.68% Sulphur, 0.1% Iron, 0.05% Manganese, 0.02% Boron, 0.015% Zinc, 0.011% Copper, 0.007% Molybdenum

Bag Size: 25kg

A fully soluble fertiliser containing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur and trace elements recommended for vegetables, fruits, flowers, turf, vines and ornamentals grown in soil.


Campbells Diamond High N is a fully water soluble, Chloride free fertiliser containing the required nutrients for consistent growth and development of a range of plants providing immediately available Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, and trace elements.

Diamond High N is a soluble fertiliser alternative to dry spread complete fertilisers and can become the basis for a complete fertiliser program. The specific formulation of Diamond High N is ideal for plants during the vegetative phase of growth, where high Nitrogen is required to help produce a flush of growth as well as leafy crops that have a high Nitrogen requirement.

The addition of trace elements helps to maintain balanced nutrition and is present mainly in the chelated form for maximum efficiency and uptake.


Campbells Diamond High N is suitable for application via irrigation systems (fertigation) in soil grown crops. It dissolves rapidly and completely and remains in solution ready for root adsorption.

Campbells Diamond High N is particularly important for:

  • Promoting vegetative growth with higher Nitrogen levels
  • Situations where fertigated complete fertilisers are the preferred option


General fertigation rates for horticultural crops are between 25 to 70 kg/ha in field crops. When applying Diamond High N through the irrigation system more frequently and smaller applications guarantee the nutrients are supplied to the plants without being lost due to leaching or excessive rainfall.

A more complete nutrient program would include both Campbells Diamond High N and Campbells NitroCal applied during alternate applications, however as with any fertiliser program, it is best to seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor or your local agronomist.