Pack Size: 10L

pH at 1%: 3.4

Density: 1.3 g/cm3 at 20oC

Colour: Brown

Valagro’s Retrosal® is a biostimulant enriched with Calcium and other specific active ingredients, useful for the displacement of Sodium in the soil, and to assist in restoring the optimal soil parameters which assist a plant in remaining vigorous. This offers the plant the best chance of maximising potential yield, even under salinity stress conditions. 



Retrosal® is enriched with Calcium and is useful for Sodium displacement and the restoration of optimal physical and chemical soil parameters.

  • Assists to improve soil structure under high salt stress through Sodium displacement
  • Improved nutrient availability under salinity stress
  • Increased soil particle flocculation avoiding the Sodium dispersant effect



Recommended for application through fertigation.


Generally, for Clay soil types apply at rate of 20 – 25 L/ha (2 applications) and for Sandy soils apply at 10 – 15 L/ha (2 – 3 applications).