Pack Size: 1L, 10L

Valagro’s Radifarm® is a specific biostimulant developed for applications during transplant phase and/or in the early stages of development of various crops. The product nourishes the plant, promoting the best environment for a healthy Root system. Radifarm® assists with the stress incurred by a plant during transplant and assists with rapid recovery including in unfavourable temperature and humidity conditions.


Root growth is critical to the establishment of planted seedlings. Seedlings can undergo stress just after planting if root growth is not sufficient to couple the seedling to available soil water and nutrients. Stress occurs when a newly planted seedling’s root system cannot supply enough water to transpiring needles to maintain a proper water balance and ensure survival. A newly planted seedling’s ability to overcome planting stress is affected by its root system size and distribution, root–soil contact, so an active and healthy root system is essential.


Recommended for application through fertigation, focussing on direct root contact.


Generally, application rates vary between 150 – 400 mL/100L of water, but please contact us for more detailed rates.