Analysis: 10.3% Nitrogen, 10.0% Phosphorus, 3.4% Potassium

Specific Gravity: 1.2 – 1.3 kg/L

Pack Size: 1000L, Bulk (To order)

Campbells Aqua NPK range are concentrated liquids providing various nutrient ratio options for all the major nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) other than Calcium. This range is a blend of several quality ingredients, that offer essential NPK ratios in a ready to use form.

Campbells Aqua Start is a formulation designed for use early in the crop cycle. It has a high level of available Phosphorus to assist early root growth and early cell division, while a combination of all three nitrogen forms provides crops with a sustained Nitrogen supply early in their development.

Campbells Aqua Start provides N and P which are essential for early establishment and ongoing development in a wide range of crop types by:

  • Improving seedling/transplant vigour
  • Optimising early root development in perennial crops
  • Increasing size and uniformity
  • Helping to overcome issues with soil P lock up

For the Premium equivalent, ask about the Campbells Aqua Thio-Emerge, a formulation designed around quality Thiosulphates as the primary source.