Analysis: 17.0% Nitrogen, 23.6% Calcium

Bag Size: 25kg, 1000kg

A highly concentrated Calcium nitrate providing Nitrogen and Calcium in immediately available water soluble form.


Campbells NitroCal Ultimate offers all the usual advantages of NitroCal (Calcium nitrate) with added advantages of:

  • Extremely high concentration of Calcium and Nitrogen (20% higher Calcium*)
  • Higher Calcium : Nitrogen ratio
  • Very low levels of Ammonium, making it ideal for hydroponic usage
  • Does not contain harmful Chlorides or heavy metals
  • One product suitable for both fertigation and broadcast
  • Can apply lower rates to get same nutrient application*

*When compared to Standard Campbells NitroCal


Campbells NitroCal Ultimate can be the major Nitrogen source in a fertiliser program or strategically used at specific times in the development of crops, in conjunction with other fertilisers. Campbells NitroCal Ultimate is a granular, free flowing product, and can be applied through the fertigation system, is ideal for use in hydroponic systems. Please note that this product is classified as a DG 5.1 for storage and transport.


General rates for Nitrocal in horticultural crops are between 25 to 70 kg/ha through the fertigation system. When applying NitroCal Ultimate instead, rates can be lowered to accommodate the 10% higher Nitrogen and 21% higher Calcium. If applying through the irrigation system, more frequent and smaller applications guarantee the nutrients are supplied to the plants without being lost due leaching or excessive rainfall. The actual rates, number of applications and their timing will vary considerably for different crops and for different districts. Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor or your local agronomist.