Bag Size: 10kg

LEAFLET – Master Supreme

The Valagro Master Supreme® line is a range of blended NPK plus trace elements, enriched with biologically active ingredients.


The Valagro Master Supreme® line offers a range of NPK balances that can be matched to plant growth stages and growing rates, including biostimulant extracts. Master Supreme® line includes:

  1. Master Supreme® Starter
    • 11-18-9 + Trace Elements
  2. Master Supreme® Development
    • 20-2-13 + Trace Elements
  3. Master Supreme® Flowering
    • 8-11-20 + Trace Elements
  4. Master Supreme® Ripening
    • 5-4-33 + Trace Elements
  5. Master Supreme® Balanced
    • 18-8-15 + Trace Elements

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The Valagro Master Supreme® line of water soluble nutrition is designed for fertigation.


Applications of 25 – 50kg/ha of the appropriate balance are recommended during the crop growth cycle. Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor.