Analysis: 19.8% Nitrogen, 36.0% Calcium

Bag Size: 25kg, 1000kg

Perlka® is a unique product, as it provides a beneficial liming effect for improving growing conditions and a stable, slow release Nitrogen for crop nutrition.


Perlka® is a refined Calcium cyanamide that has been used in agriculture for over 100 years, and can be a valuable fertiliser addition to a complete nutritional program for horticultural and agricultural crops.


Perlka® is a grey/ black, granular, free flowing product, which can be applied as a band or broadcast.

How does Perlka® work?

  1. Reaction Phase:
  • Following application, soil water reacts with Perlka® to form Calcium dihydroxide and Hydrogen cyanamide (not Cyanide)
  • The Calcium dihydroxide from Perlka® has the effect of rapid soil pH improvement and contributes to the background soil Calcium levels
  • The result is an increased potential for nutrient uptake and a more desirable root zone environment
  • Hydrogen cyanamide typically converts to Urea in 2-3 weeks, however this is dependent on correct soil moisture levels

2. Fertilising Phase

  • Urea then converts to plant available Ammonium Nitrogen
  • Dicyandiamide(DCD) is produced in the reaction phase and delays the breakdown of Ammonium to Nitrate
  • Ammonium is more stable in a soil environment and results in longer lasting Nitrogen that is less prone to leaching
  • The plants benefit from the delayed Nitrogen release


Perlka® should always be applied in accordance with the Campbells Fertiliser distributor guidelines. Use guidelines are specific to the crop and soil moisture, so before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor or your local agronomist.