Pack Size: 10L


Valagro’s Talete® promotes sustainable production in conditions of adequate water availability and in conditions of permanent or temporary shortages. Composed of biomolecules of plant origin, and developed from Valagro’s exclusive GeaPower® technology, Talete helps crops increase Crop water productivity, both when water is available in adequate quantities and when there is a water scarcity, be it temporary or permanent.



Talete® is the brand new solution to encourage a sustainable production through proper and careful management of water both in conditions of adequate water availability and permanent or temporary water scarcity. Talete® benefits offers:

  • Maximum farmer income and cost reduction
  • Higher irrigation efficiency
  • Supports Regulated Deficit Irrigation
  • Higher flexibility for farmers
  • Environmental sustainability

Watch Talete assist in consistency of berry size in Grapes in Australia


Applied through fertigation only.



Generally, rates of 5 – 10 L/ha are applied through the fertigation. Application timing and frequency may vary, so it is advised to seek further assistance for detailed application recommendations.



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