Analysis: Calcium 10.7% w/w

Density: 1.45 g/cm3 (at 20oC)

Drum Size: 20L, 1000L

LEAFLET – Calbit C

Valagro’s Calbit C® is a Calcium based nutritional supplement complexed with  LSA (Ammonium Lignin Sulphonate), specific to assist with enhancing Calcium levels to aid in fruit firmness, and consequently shelf life.


Calbit C® treatments can lead to increased fruit firmness, longer shelf-life and a reduce defects caused by shortfalls of Calcium. Calbit C® provides Calcium without accompanying nutrients which can result in unwanted growth outcomes that are associated with other Calcium sources.

Focus on LSA Chelate

LSA (Ammonium Lignin Sulphonate) is a complexing agent derived from naturally present lignin in  different types, depending on the species from which it is extracted. Lignin is formed by polymerisation of three hydrocinnamic alcohols, also known as monolignols. This is comprised of p-coumaryl alcohol, conyferil alcohol, and sinapyl alcohol. The ratio of the three monolignols in the lignin molecules is important in influencing complexation and release of trace elements in the tissues.

Watch as we explain the importance of Calcium in the plant and the advantages of an LSA chelate


Calbit C®  is the ideal solution for applying Calcium via fertigation thanks to the presence of the LSA complex, which protects the molecule from insolubility reactions (most successfully where pH is between 3 and 6.5). Calbit C®  can also be applied via foliar applications.


The actual rates, number of applications and their timing will vary for different crops and selection for fertigation or foliar applications based on crops nutrient requirements. Before application, seek advice from your Campbell’s distributor.