Analysis: 25.5% Nitrogen, 12% Sulphur

Bag Size: 1000kg

Maximum Quick-N is Ammonium Sulphate Nitrate (ASN). It is a granular fertiliser containing both Nitrate and Ammonium Nitrogen. Ideally balanced with sulphate Sulphur, it is well suited to promote plant growth in a variety of crops.

Maximum Quick-N is suitable for use in vegetables, fruit, vines, cereals, pasture and fodder crops. Compared to Urea, Quick-N provides more readily available Nitrogen over a wider range of climatic conditions with no volatilisation. Maximum Quick-N will provide even distribution of nutrients – it is not a blend. Maximum Quick-N, as the name suggests, provides immediately available Nitrate Nitrogen followed by sustained Ammonium Nitrogen availability.

Maximum Quick-N granule size is homogenous for an even spread pattern.